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History (Dr. U.K Baidya)

Dr. U.K Baidya is known as one of the best sexologist in Patna. Since 2000, Bangali Dabakhan is helping people to have better and healthier sexual life.

Meet Dr. U.K Baidya

Hello Readers,

I am Dr U.K Baidya and I am a SEXOLOGIST. My mission in life is to help people who are suffering from Sexual Disorders.

Today, 1/3 People on the globe are suffering from Sexual Problems. And believe me, you can be one among them.

It’s hard to believe, but this is true.

I have seen many families get broken just because of Sexual Disorders. You can save yours. If you feel you are suffering from some sexual disorder, get in touch with us today. We do not charge for counselling.

Happy Lifes

Till now we have successfully provided too more happy lives and will continue to deliver it.


I had Premature Ejaculation problem at the age of 26. I was newly married and tensed and I could not believe it. But, with the right counselling and treatment at DR U.K Baidya; I felt better in just 1st week. It took me a while, but now I feel totally alright.

When I came for the treatment, I had lost my desire for sex. I was suffering with loss of limbido. My partner had lost all confidence in me and was unhappy. My treatment is still going on and I already feel better. His treatment is not only treating me, but I am also confident about myself. I highly RECOMMEND his treatment.